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People doing good things.

Grateful to be part of a network of amazing people doing good things. Your work inspires and contributes to a better world. Thank you for leading the way and sharing so that we can all learn from you.


GrAiNZ Gathering 2019 & 2023

Always grateful to John Reid, the Red Beard team and all the incredible people behind GrAiNZ. The ideas for Goodness Flour started to flow from the Opening Address. Gorgeous food, great speakers and some of the best demonstrations. And the generosity of spirit... well that was something else again...


Harcourt Organic Farming Co-op

Leading the future for our valley! Katie and Hugh have shown us a new model for farmers keen to retire without leaving their farms. Ant has an awesome Community Supported Agriculture model behind Tellurian Fruit Gardens. Sas and Mel of Gung Hoe Growers are truly inspiring. And grow the best veg. Sellar Farmhouse Creamery supplies real, ethical and delicious milk, and now yoghurt too!


Tuerong Farm

Thank you, Jason and the Tuerong Farm, team, for everything you’re doing to bring back old wheat varieties, to share the love of wholegrains and the craft of milling.

Xtreme visuals.JPG

Xtreme Visuals

Awesome photos. As always. Thank you Shayne. The fabulous photos on this website were all taken by Shayne. All the ordinary ones are mine!


Hillside Acres

Ethically raised. Local farmers. Free range.

Rebecca and Jarrod breed pigs, sheep and cattle on a small-scale basis, treating their animals with respect and dignity. They’re part of the regenerative farming network in Harcourt and we’re enjoying learning how to cook different, delicious cuts.  


Duang Tengtrirat

An inspiration to me - and so many others! Duang cooks superbly. She's also a Superb Human and a joy to spend time with. She lives her values of kindness, living without waste, and lifting others. When she's not cooking community lunches, she teaches, writes and shares her knows with generosity.


Masons of Bendigo

Long before Bendigo became a City of Gastronomy, Sonia Anthony and the Masons of Bendigo team have been showcasing and celebrating the work of local producers. When my sister visited from the US, we booked a table so that she could taste our region. As always, dining at Masons was a beautiful, generous experience. Sonia is a Superhero, always focused on supporting others.

Murnong Mamas_.jpg

Murnong Mamas

There is so much to learn from the ways of First Nation people all around the world. Some incredible foods that many of us knew nothing about, right under our noses all the time. I feel so fortunate to be able to learn more from Aunty Julie and Melinda. It’s a journey of discovery, connection to this place and model for Indigenous ownership of commercial enterprises.  

The Mill2.jpg

The Mill Castlemaine

Small-scale, hands-on, collaborative. The first place we take our visitors because it shows the creativity and abundance of our region. They are always blown away. We get to visit every week! Free range pork charcuterie. Single origin chocolate. Sourdough pasta. Even handmade, comfortable underwear. An amazing place filled with lovely people doing awesome things.

The Bread Lab.jpg

The Bread Lab

Dr Stephen Jones, Director of The Bread Lab, opened GrAiNZ Gathering at Red Beard Bakery in Trentham on a freezing morning in October 2019. Reckon I’m not the only one who was inspired and captivated so much that I knew before the end of his presentation where my next career would be headed… into the world of wholegrains…. Delightful. He and his team at The Bread Lab are doing amazing work and they’ve inspired bakers all round the world to create ‘approachable loaves’ using wholegrain flour. Lots of great info on their website. Worth watching Stephen’s talk.


Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance A ‘farmer-led organisiation made up of ‘organisations and individuals working together towards a food system in which people create, manage, and choose their food system’. Definitely worth reading Farming Democracy. Their events are inspired (loved both the Slow Meat Symposiums!) Out there fighting the good fight. Proud to be a member.


AHA! Moments

Teaching kids about Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics using LEGO, Minecraft and robotics. Brilliant.

Apart from being an amazing teacher, Cameron Frost is also a lovely person who happens to make some of the best bread. He was kind enough to test Goodness Flour every early in the journey. (Got the thumbs up!) Those lovely loaves on the Goodness website were baked by Cam.


Santos Organics

Good people, doing good work. Great produce. All profits are invested in environmental and social projects. For products which aren’t available locally, Santos Organics has been my first choice for many years. I feel comfortable with their ethics and love their products.  

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