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Why wholegrain flour?

Most flour is milled on steel rollers which separate the grain at the start of the milling process. The germ and bran are removed, leaving only the starchy endosperm - with calories, but very few nutrients. Many commercial ‘wholemeal’ flours are produced in the same way, with bran simply added back in at the end of the process.


Goodness Flour is different. It’s stoneground, so it retains the fibre, good oils and nutritional qualities of the wholegrain, as well as the natural enzymes to facilitate digestion. We package in small quantities – use it fresh, try different flours and enjoy experimenting!   

Grain_milling process.jpg

Different flours, different qualities

nutrition_total carbohydrate.jpg

Total carbohydrate chart

(Note : Shown for general illustrative purposes only. Compiled from different information sources – samples vary based on supply, variety, season, testing and analysis methods.)

Here's where it gets really interesting...


Comparative nutrients chart

(Note : Again shown for general illustrative purposes only. Not intended to provide nutritional advice or scientific information.)

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