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Superheroes. Our suppliers.

Thank you to our amazing growers and suppliers. We celebrate your skill, experience and care.

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Tania and Stephen are leaders in the field of biodynamic farming. They’re been incredibly supportive - from my first batch of questions, through to supplying much of the grain milled into Goodness Flour. The beautiful flavour of each of their grains and legumes shows the care and skill they’ve invested in good soil health.

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The Green Goes the Grocer team in Castlemaine supply many of the extras for Goodness Premixes. They’re super organised and always willing to help with finding the best organic ingredients. So grateful to have such an excellent wholefoods store just down the road from us.

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Our Buckwheat Flour is milled from Bio-oz buckwheat kernels. It’s been a joy to find Australian grown, certified chemical residue free buckwheat. Bio-oz works in close association with farmers who are committed to sustainable farming practices. Unlike much of the imported stock in Australia, their buckwheat is fresh and mills beautifully. You’ll taste the difference.

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Ian and Courtney (Woodstock Flour) mill stoneground, wholegrain organic flour on their farm just outside Rutherglen. They have been mentors and friends since the start of Goodness Flour.

Woodstock Flour - small batch, single variety - used by some of Australia’s best bakers. If you’re after commercial quantities, do get in touch with them. Their flour is excellent, their regenerative farming work is inspirational, and they’re lovely people.

We don’t buy flour from them, but they’re kind enough to sell us Rosella and Spitfire Wheat grain, grown on their family farm (Woodstock Organic Farm) in Berrigan, NSW.


Dark, in the best possible way. Whittaker’s Dark Ghana is an extraordinarily good chocolate. The smooth texture and intense chocolate flavour pairs beautifully with whole grain flours, especially rye. It’s also ethically sourced, vegan, gluten free, palm oil free, GMO free and Rainforest Alliance, Halal & Kosher certified. In the world of chocolate manufacturing, there’s a lot to be concerned about so it’s great to find a company who work really hard to do the right thing.  

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Graeme (Nug Nuts) travelled to Turkey to find the right equipment to remove the skins from chestnuts. He has his own chestnut orchard, and also sources from other growers in the King Valley. Fresh chestnuts have a very short shelf life so it's a race to get them dehydrated. He brings us chestnut meal, ready to mill.

Almost all Chestnut Flour in Australia is imported, so we're super excited about this collaboration.


Very proud to use local fruit from Langdale Orchards (1858). Gavin and Carol Lang are the sixth generation to grow apples and pears on their family farm in Harcourt. They grow 11 varieties of apples - Royal Gala, Pink Lady, Red Delicious, Granny Smith, Fuji, Lady Williams, Sundowner and Bonza. Heirloom apple varieties include Jonagold, Cox’s Orange Pippin and Snow, and five varieties of pear - Beurre Bosc, Packham, Josephine, Corella & Winter Nelis.  

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