Hot Cross Buns

Easy to make Hot Cross Buns - just add the spices, dried fruit and some brown sugar to a Goodness Flour Pizza Base Mix.


Adventure Vanilla Cake

Part of the Choose Your Own Adventure series, just follow the recipe instructions provided with the cake mix, making any changes you’d like along the way. Here are some suggestions you might like to try.

Choose Your Own Adventure Vanilla Cake_.jpg

Wholegrain Waffles

Beautifully savoury with rye, rosemary & perocino cheese

Rye waffles2_.jpg

Millet Sandwich Loaf

Soft, easy to slice and absolutely delicious toasted. Gluten free.

Millet bread.jpg

Ginger Star Biscuits

Ginger, molasses, almond butter. Crisp outside with a chewy centre. So good. Gluten free. Vegan.


Chocolate Buckwheat Cake

Very simple to make with a beautiful texture. Gluten free.

Choc buckwheat fig2.jpg

Carrot, Apple & Ginger Muffins

Gluten free. Not too sweet. Perfect for lunchboxes.

Carrot date muffin.jpg

Buckwheat Chestnut Bread

Gluten free. Delightful toasted.

Buckwheat chestnut bread.jpg

Zucchini Fritters

We love zucchinis, but pretty much any veg works well in there Fritters. A very easy weeknight meal, or a lovely addition to a shared table.

Zucchini fritters1__.jpg

Adventure Chocolate Cake

Another Choose Your Own Adventure. Get creative, or follow one of the recipe suggestions here.


Frangipane Tart

Goodness Flour Wholegrain Spelt Pastry & Nut Fusion Almond Meal with seasonal fruit - a fabulous combination!

Pear almond_.jpg

Rhubarb Walnut Cake

Worth celebrating when rhubarb season rolls around again.

Rhubarb_walnut cake1.jpg

Pear, Chocolate & Cardamom Cake

A combination worth celebrating. Gluten free.

Pear and choc cake_.jpg

Multigrain Bread (gluten free)

Delicous. Slightly sweet. Heavenly toasted with a little butter.

GF bread.jpg

Fig, Almond & Barley Salad

Well, just about any wholegrain really...

Works with dried figs too.

Fig Almond Salad.jpg