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From finding health to discovering flavour


Although I’ve been committed to supporting ethical food sources since my high school days, I took gut health for granted until the need for change became unavoidable. It's been a long journey but I’m  grateful for the improvements and lessons learnt along the way. The causes were, unsurprisingly, inter-related so it took time to find answers, put the pieces together and gradually improve.


In retrospect, three food choices were key – cutting out gluten, dairy and refined sugar. Along the way, I learnt to use gluten-free flours, to find good lactose-free alternatives and to explore the world of unrefined sugar. First experiments were awful. Gradually I found amazing chefs, cooks and recipes to follow, our palates changed and we started to taste a whole range of more interesting flavours.


Slowly, I started to re-introduce gluten – particularly grains and flours with lower gluten content, like rye, spelt and barley. As my gut health improved, I added buttermilk, yoghurt and cheese. And as for refined sugar, why bother when the depth of flavour in coconut, rapadura and raw sugar, honey and molasses is so much more interesting. We still enjoy sweet things, but prefer less sweetness and more flavour from the other ingredients.


And then I bought a mill and we discovered wholegrain, stoneground fresh flour… Happy days!

Welcome to my world of wholegrain adventures. Delighted you're here.

Liesl Malan.


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