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Brown Rice flour
  • Brown Rice flour

    An absolute staple for gluten free baking, brown rice flour can be used on its own, or paired with other flours and starches. To allow for long storage, it’s usually ‘polished’, leaving just the starchy endosperm – white rice - without the fibre and very few of the nutrients and enzymes. Unlike white rice, brown rice retains the germ and bran with all their goodness. White rice flour is great for dusting your bench top when rolling out a pastry or when you need a binding flour in a mix, but for flavour and nutrient value, brown rice flour wins hands down.


    With a fairly neutral flavour, it’s a very adaptable flour suitable for both sweet and savoury cooking. Pair it with almond meal for richness in pastry and cakes and with a starchy flour like tapioca when you need your mix to bind a little more. Unlike white rice, brown rice retains a certain grittiness, so use it in recipes which celebrate this slightly crunchy texture.    


    Rice is the most widely consumed staple food in both Asia and Africa. It provides more than one-fifth of the calories consumed world-wide by humans. And why stop at brown rice… there’s black, red, green and even forbidden rice, waiting to be discovered…



      Brown Rice is naturally gluten-free. Stored and packed in a separate room. Milled on dedicated gluten-free mills. Please note however that our products are NOT certified gluten or allergen free.


      If you have any concerns, please let me know. I'm always happy to help resolve anything that might not be quite right or as you expect it.


      Available for posting.

      Also available for collection at the Castlemaine, Lancefield and Woodend Monthly Farmer's Markets. If you can't collect from one of the Markets, just get in touch and we'll make a plan.

    • SOURCE

      SunRice Organic. Australian grown.

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