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Barley flour

Barley flour

One of the first cultivated grains of the Fertile Crescent, barley was domesticated from its wild progenitor around 10,000 years ago. There is early archaeological evidence of barley in cultivation in Egypt, Mesopotamia, northwestern Europe, China and Tibet. It was the chief bread grain of the Hebrews, Greeks, Romans and of much of Europe, until around the 16th century.


With a lovely nutty flavour, barley contains little gluten so it’s great for cakes and biscuits. The flavour is good in flatbreads and combines well with higher gluten flours in bread. 


Barley is a highly adaptable crop with different varieties suited to temperate, subarctic and subtropical areas. It grows more successfully in the cold, wet areas of western Europe than wheat varieties, thrives in the near-desert areas of North Africa and even produces a reasonable yield in the very short growing season of the Himalayas.


    Grain supplied by Burrum Biodynamics. Tania and Stephen are leaders in regenerative agriculture. They're generous in sharing their knowledge and produce grains, legumes and pulses with fabulous flavour, grown in healthy soils and filled with nutrients, not chemicals.


    If you have any concerns, please let me know. I'm always happy to help resolve anything that might not be quite right or as you expect it.


    Available for posting.

    Also available for collection at the Castlemaine, Lancefield and Woodend Monthly Farmer's Markets. If you can't collect from one of the Markets, just get in touch and we'll make a plan.

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