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Spelt Flour
  • Spelt Flour

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    Lovely, nutty flavour, similar to barley. Spelt has all of the nine essential amino acids. It also contains good fats, high fibre and is rich in iron, magnesium, phosphorous, zinc and niacin (Vitamin B3).


    Wholegrain milled spelt retains its vital nutritional bran and germ. An easy flour to work with, spelt successfully bakes into breads, pastries and croissants which are beautifully light and highly nutritious. Oh, and flavour… did we mention flavour? So good.


    Spelt is one of our oldest grains. Said to have been a gift from the goddess Demeter, spelt is likely to have originated as a cross between emmer wheat and wild-goat grass (Aegilops tauschii). It was once more widely grown in Europe than wheat.


    Remains of spelt have been found in some later Neolithic sites (2500–1700 BC) in Central Europe. During the Bronze Age, spelt spread widely in central Europe. Later, during the Iron Age (750–15 BC), spelt became a principal wheat species in southern Germany and Switzerland, and by 500 BC, it was in common use in southern Britain. With the industrialisation of farming, focus shifted to wide scale production of standard wheat, and spelt was largely forgotten. In Germany and Austria, spelt loaves and rolls are known as Dinkelbrot, remain popular.   

    • SOURCE

      Grain supplied by Burrum Biodynamics. Tania and Stephen are leaders in regenerative agriculture. They're generous in sharing their knowledge and produce grains, legumes and pulses with fabulous flavour, grown in healthy soils and filled with nutrients, not chemicals.


      If you have any concerns, please let me know. I'm always happy to help resolve anything that might not be quite right or as you expect it.


      Available for posting.

      Also available for collection at the Castlemaine, Lancefield and Woodend Monthly Farmer's Markets. If you can't collect from one of the Markets, just get in touch and we'll make a plan. 

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